As a practitioner, I offer several alternative hands-on healing modality options to choose from. All modalities offered compliment other alternative treatments and work well with traditional medicine improving results. I can help guide you in choosing a path or combo of paths, or you can design your own Path Package.

Path Offerings:

Chakra Balancing (CB) Crystal Healing(CH)
Healing Touch (HT) Magnified Healing (MH)
Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) Shambala(S)
Reiki Usui & Karuna® Distance Healing Sessions

Path Combo: Reiki & JSJ or Reiki & HT or Reiki & CH or MH followed by Reiki

Multi Path Treatment: Reiki, CB, CH or Reiki, JSJ, HT

Wholistic Health Coaching, Education and Guidance

The 2 T's = Tea & Talk

Share a pot of herbal tea with the practitioner in a safe, peaceful setting. This is a time for you to connect with your inner self to express from your heart any physical, mental or emotional issues you may be experiencing or are concerned about. Through the active exchange of talking and listening a plan emerges offering you a path to peace, love, joy and improved health.

New client first session: An hour and a half -- includes the 2T's

Follow-up sessions can be scheduled for 30 minutes or 60 minutes